how to change the psychic abilities of the protagonist

After sixteen years of waiting, the second chapter of the crazy video game series of Psychonauts born from the mind of Tim Schafer is finally available both for purchase and for free download, the latter in case you are subscribed to the Xbox Game service Pass on Xbox console or on PC.

Much of the game mechanics of Psychonauts 2 is based on the psychic abilities of the protagonist, who will have on his side a large amount of different skills that will help him progress within the adventure and overcome both the platform phases, and the more classic clashes with the different types of enemies that you will encounter on your path. At any time, Razputin will be able to keep equipped up to four different psychic abilities, each associated with a different key on the pad or keyboard: LB, LT, RB and RT (corresponding to Q, R, E and right mouse button). The skills that you will unlock during the adventure in the crazy world of Psychonauts 2 will however be well over four in total, and you will therefore need a way to keep them under control and to be able to equip them quickly and at any time.

Therefore, the skill wheel designed by the guys from the Double Fine studio is extremely useful: inside this wheel – recalled by pressing the Up Arrow key in case you are using a controller or the TAB key in case you are using a keyboard – you will be able to view all the skills currently available to the protagonist. To equip a new one, simply select it by moving the lever (or mouse) in the correct direction and then press one of the four keys dedicated to the skills, depending on which one you intend to associate the skill in question. At this point you will be ready to use the chosen skill, and to do so you just need to press the designated button during the previous phase.

We remind you that Psychonauts 2 is available for purchase on PC and consoles of old and new generation, as well as being available for free on Xbox Game Pass: in case you want to know more about the game, we refer you to the review of Psychonauts 2.