how to complete all challenges in LTM The Pit

Starting today, the latest challenges of the Cosmic Summer event are also available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, thanks to which all the players of the battle royale can complete simple tasks and grab a generous amount of picks, decorative backs, hang gliders and emote.

The four challenges available today are all linked to the limited-time mode that takes the name of The Pit, which can be reached by entering the following code in the appropriate lobby menu: 4590-4493-7113. Alternatively, you should find the LTM among those available in the game mode selection screen.

For those unfamiliar with this timed mode, this is an arena with immediate return after death in which players have infinite materials and ammo. In the first room you can collect weapons and gadgets of all kinds and then dash through the huge hole in the center of the room into the arena to fight. Know that it is a “free for all”, so don’t be fooled by the presence of the nickname on the heads of the opponents.

Here are some tips to speed up the completion of new challenges:

Build structures in The Pit (0/500) – Reward: “Icy (Gorgobacca)” decorative back and 20,000 Experience Points

This challenge can be completed very easily and requires only a little patience: your goal is to use the infinite materials provided in this limited time mode to build a total of 500 structures of any type (not necessarily in a single game. ) You might wait for the late stages of a match, when everyone tends to drop out, to build a huge floor or long walkways.

Destroy structures in The Pit (0/500) – Reward: “Star Sip” emote and 20,000 Experience Points

The fastest way to complete this mission is to get at least two different miniguns on the top floor of the map: in this way you can continuously fire on the enemy structures and, when the weapon overheats, immediately switch to the other one to continue firing without solution. of continuity. Mainly target wooden structures, which are more fragile and destroy sooner.

Eliminate players with 5 different types of weapon in a single game of The Pit (0/5) – Reward: “Marsh -hammer” collection tool and 30,000 Experience Points

This mission is not complex and just requires a little organization. The objective is to eliminate five enemies with as many different types of weapons during the course of a match. You must therefore get yourself a sniper rifle, pistol, bow, submachine gun and assault rifle and eliminate at least one enemy with each of them.

Get headshots in The Pit (0/50) – Reward: “Table of the Nuvolama” hang glider and 35,000 Experience Points

The latest challenge from LTM The Pit isn’t particularly difficult, since it only asks you to hit enemies in the head and not take them out with a headshot. Again the minigun-based tactic works very well, especially if you keep firing at the head of the enemies. Alternatively, you can use any other weapon with which you are sure to be able to hit the enemies’ heads several times (better if it is a submachine gun or a weapon that does not eliminate on the spot, so as to accumulate points more quickly).

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