how to find Tenkumo Fruits, useful for strengthening Baal

Were you lucky enough to unlock Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact Update 2.1? Then you will almost certainly need some advice on how to find some of his ascension materials.

The new 5-star character needs resources that cannot be found in the first two islands of Inazuma, in Monstadt or Liyue. We refer mainly to the Tenkumo Fruit, the small pink fruits that you will need large quantities to bring Baal to the maximum level, or 90. This is the main resource that can be found wandering around Seirai Island, or the island to the south. of the Inazuma archipelago on which threatening lightning continues to fall. Scattered around the whole territory there are about 70 specimens of the small plants similar to those of the Valberry and Jueyun Chili, but with a purple stem and only two pink fruits to pick.

Unless you’ve already completed the 2.1 update quest, much of the territory will be inaccessible due to lightning strikes instantly killing party members. In any case, we suggest that you prioritize the completion of the new chapter of the story, since it is the only way to unlock the new electric boss, essential to access another resource for the ascension of Baal, namely the Storm Beads. Regardless of the progress you have made in the story, know that completing the Raiden Shogun Trial in the events section will not only allow you to get 20 Primogems for free, but also enough resources to make the first ascension of the Electro character.

Before leaving you with an image of the map with the location of all Tenkumo Fruit on the island of Seirai indicated above, we remind you that on our pages you will find the guide on how to unlock Aloy and his Predator bow for free in Genshin Impact. Also don’t forget that you only have a few days to get 600 Primogems for free thanks to Genshin Impact update 2.1.