how to free download the Quake 64 DLC

Without surprising the players because of the persistent rumors, last night the remastered version in high definition of the very first Quake, a milestone in first-person shooters, arrived on PC and consoles (also on Xbox Game Pass). Although it is not present in the main menu, the game also includes Quake 64, here is how to download it.

As you well know, the new edition of the idSoftware shooter not only includes the original campaign but also a series of extras among which we find the story created specifically for the relaunch of the game by MachineGames, or the authors of the Wolfenstein reboot. In addition to this and other DLCs, the game also includes the ability to play Quake 64, but this option is not as easy to achieve as with all other campaigns. To unlock Quake 64 you must first select “Add-On” in the main screen of the game and thus access the menu relating to all the extra contents, which should present only and exclusively one item. At this point, press the X button on the Xbox (Square on the PlayStation) to start the download of the additional content, which will download within a few seconds due to the low weight.

Normally it is possible to select “Single Player” in the main menu and, by clicking on “New Game”, the player is given the opportunity to select from the following chapters of the story: Quake (original campaign), Scourge of Armagon, Dissolution of Eternity, Dimension of the Past and Dimension of the Machine. If you want to play Quake 64 you must first of all access the Add-On menu on the main screen and activate the DLC by pressing the Y key on Xbox (Triangle on PlayStation): by doing so when choosing which campaign to play you will see only and exclusively Quake 64 To go back to playing the other chapters, you must deactivate the Add-On Quake 64 in the relative screen by pressing the appropriate button.

Did you know that Quake Remastered supports 120Hz and DualSense on PlayStation 5?