how to get Karma points to unlock new powers

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available from 21 September 2021 on PC, PS5 and PS4. After a long wait, players can finally enjoy the evocative adventure of Ember Lab, accompanying young Kena on her journey into a fantasy world threatened by terrible corrupted creatures.

The fights are therefore a key element in the gameplay of the work, and as in any self-respecting Action / Adventure, Kena can get upgrades and new skills as the hours go by. But to get the precious upgrades it is first necessary to accumulate a substantial amount of Karma Points, the main currency within Bridge of Spirits. Karma not only allows you to purchase advanced powers, but also unlocks new features for the Rot, funny little creatures that accompany the protagonist on her journey. Collecting this “coin” is therefore essential to be ready to face the advanced challenges of the game.

Karma Points can be earned in 5 different ways:

  • Defeating enemies
  • By uprooting the corrupt flowers
  • By cleaning the various parts of the world of corruption
  • Solving puzzles
  • By repositioning the states depicting owls and cats

Most of these activities are related to the main adventure and therefore it will not be difficult to accumulate Karma in large quantities. On the other hand, it may happen that you get lost on the street some statue, to be found by carefully sifting through the surrounding scenarios. The statues require to be positioned in specific points with the help of the Rot, who at our command will lift the cats or stone owls to transport them to a specific point generally never too far from the place where we recovered the precious object.

Which upgrades to get first

Once we have accumulated a sufficient amount of Karma Points, it is time to spend them to improve the abilities of our Kena. And especially in the early stages of the game, improving the resistance of our spiritual shield through Shield Health + offers a greater defense from the onslaught of aggressive hostile creatures, proving very useful at least until we manage to improve the life energy of the protagonist with the upgrades advanced. To get this upgrade, however, the Rots must have reached experience level 2.

Other highly recommended skills are Parry Counter and Focus. In the first case it becomes easier to repel enemy attacks, in the second it decreases the time it takes for Kena to take aim with her magic bow. These are advantages that will make it easier to immediately become familiar with the playful mechanics of the title signed by Ember Lab and start with an advantage against the first challenges of the adventure. Also don’t forget that the abilities of the Rot in Kena Bridge of Spirits can also be evolved, making our little friends indispensable resources.

For more details on one of the most exciting titles of fall 2021, our review of Kena Bridge of Spirits for PS5 will reveal all the most important details of this immersive journey.