How to make the PlayStation Plus without a credit card?

The PlayStation Plus subscription service allows users to access online multiplayer, download free games for PS4 and PS5 every month and use other features exclusively dedicated to subscribers to the service.

Like any subscriber service, PlayStation Plus also requires a periodic and regular payment in order to be used and kept active: the period of time between one billing and the next depends on the type of subscription you decide to purchase, choosing between an expiration date. monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your needs and what you think is most convenient and appropriate for you.

Typically, the purchase of a subscription service with periodic automatic billing is done using a credit card due to the convenience of use, but you will still have the possibility to purchase a subscription to PlayStation Plus in another way, without having to necessarily use a debit or credit card. The method in question is based on the use of cards and top-up codes, available in different formats in order to cover all possible subscription options – monthly, quarterly and annual – which can be found in physical format in any resale of authorized sector.

PlayStation Plus subscription prices

PSN top-ups

After purchasing one of these cards, simply enter the code shown on the card directly in the Redeem Codes section of the PlayStation Store: in this way you will be able to redeem your monthly subscription and activate – or extend – your subscription to the service. Alternatively, you can buy one of the cards that allow you to add funds to your virtual wallet, and then set it as a payment method when you find yourself buying a PlayStation Plus subscription. These procedures are extremely similar to those which can also be used to buy games from PlayStation Store without a credit card.