how to unlock fishing, create exits and find fish

One of the main novelties of the Genshin Impact update 2.1 is certainly the possibility of fishing, a new mechanic thanks to which the players of the free to play branded miHoYo can grab free weapons and, during the timed events, even a lot ‘ by Primogems. If you don’t have access to fishing yet, here’s how to unlock it.

How to unlock fishing

The first step to access this game mechanic is the achievement of the Adventurer Rank 35, which is essential to unlock the Serenitea Pot, or housing. Another requirement is the completion of the “Exploding Population” quest, which is awarded to the player by chatting with Katheryne of the Adventurer’s Guild of Mondstadt. The mission will ask you to speak to the fisherman of the region and will act as a tutorial to this particular mechanic, in addition you will be provided with a fishing rod with the blueprint for creating one of four different types of lures.

How to fish

To fish in Genshin Impact it is necessary to position yourself at one of the many fishing points, press the appropriate button to start the activity and proceed with the launch of the rig with the right bait. Each fish is attracted exclusively by a lure and, when it bites, a minigame is activated through which the player must hold a cursor within the continuously moving segment of the bar as long as possible. The fish within each point are divided into two groups (those that appear during the day and those that appear at night) and regenerate every three days.

How to get the bait

As we told you above, completing the Exploding Population quest guarantees the unlocking of a fishing rod and only one type of bait. With these tools you will have to fish several Medaka, or the most common goldfish, and deliver them to the Monstadt fisherman: every three specimens exchanged with the NPC will allow you to get the blueprint for the remaining baits, so you can catch any species around. Tevyat.

All fish and how to catch them

Below you will find the complete list of fish available in 2.1 and the useful baits to catch them:

  • Glaze Medaka: Fruit Paste Bait
  • Sweet-Flower Medaka: Fruit Paste Bait
  • Aizen Medaka: Fruit Paste Bait
  • Dawncatcher: Fruit Paste Bait
  • Crystalfish: Fruit Paste Bait
  • Lunged Stickleback: Redrot Bait
  • Betta: Redrot Bait
  • Venomspine Fish: Redrot Bait
  • Akai Maou: Redrot Bait
  • Snowstrider: Redrot Bait
  • Brown Shirakodai: False Worm Bait
  • Purple Shirakodai: False Worm Bait
  • Tea-Colored Shirakodai: False Worm Bait
  • Abiding Angelfish: False Worm Bait
  • Raimei Angelfish: False Worm Bait
  • Golden Koi: Fake Fly Bait
  • Rusty Koi: Fake Fly Bait
  • Pufferfish: Fake Fly Bait
  • Bitter Pufferfish: Fake Fly Bait

Before leaving you to the game map with all the fishing places indicated above, we remind you that on our pages you can find the guide with advice on how to unlock the free spear The Catch in Genshin Impact 2.1.