how to unlock Greedent in the Halloween event

The Pokémon MOBA for mobile and Switch is preparing for Halloween with a dedicated event where you can unlock skins, items and even a brand new monster. The first Pokémon Unite horror-themed festival (about it, here is our Pokémon Unite review) is therefore a great opportunity to redeem several unique rewards: let’s find out everything there is to know.

The protagonists of this special period of the game (here is the trailer for Halloween for Pokémon Unite), active from 20 October to 10 November 2021, are the pumpkins, an original currency in limited quantities available exclusively during the event. To get them you will have to access the game daily for the log in bonus, complete the proposed daily missions and play various battles in the Wed stadium (until November 7). An unprecedented Halloween mechanic, in fact, allows you to throw pumpkins on the opponents’ heads, making them lose all the energy points. This type of attack is also at the center of a milestone which, once achieved, will reward you with 10 more pumpkins. Here are the items obtainable:

  • Greedent – 70 pumpkins
  • Witch hat – 50 pumpkins
  • Halloween pose – 20 pumpkins
  • Halloween background – 10 pumpkins
  • Pikachu halloween sticker – 5 pumpkins
  • Halloween box – 5 pumpkins
  • Pumpkin box – 2 pumpkins
  • Battle Points Boost 1 Day – 1 Pumpkin

Currency is not infinite, and it is therefore essential to think about how to manage your loot. The most coveted prize is certainly Greedent: it is possible to exchange the Pokémon of Galar for 70 pumpkins. At the end of the event the only street available will be that of the shop, where 8000 coins will be needed to buy it. Also in the shop are available unique skins for Lucario and Zeraora, as well as hats and other clothing for your coach.