how to unlock Superman skin and Kal-El Cloak for free

As we have already confirmed in the late afternoon, Epic Games has officially unlocked the Superman challenges in Season 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2, so that players can grab the skin of the DC Comics character.

This set of challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased the Season 7 Battle Pass, since Superman is nothing more than the secret costume of the latest update. If you want to add the superhero skin to your collection, know that the challenges to be completed are different, since each element of his set is linked to a specific mission.

The first step is to get the Clark Kent skin and, to do so, you can follow our advice on how to complete tasks from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy in Fortnite Chapter 2. At this point you can proceed with the second challenge , which has as a reward the exclusive integrated emote that allows players who select this skin to transform into Superman. To unlock the emote you need to interact with any public phone around the battle royale island while using the Clark Kent costume, which must then be unlocked before you can get the transformation.

If you want to add the iconic red cloak, or the decorative back of the set, to the locker, you must complete a total of 63 epic assignments over the course of Season 7. This assignment is retroactive and it is likely that you have already completed it thanks to the weekly challenges of purple color. If not, go to the Epic Weekly Challenges screen and complete them to unlock Kel-El’s Cloak.

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