how to unlock the Carnage skin in Season 8

This morning the Fortnite Chapter 2 update was published, which kicked off Season 8, during which the Carnage skin was also added to the battle royale. Let’s find out how to unlock it.

How to unlock Carnage in Fortnite

Spider-Man’s evil villain is part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, and unlike Superman last season, it’s not the secret skin. To be able to add this costume to the locker you simply have to buy the pass and get experience points until you reach level 100, so you can access the last page with the rewards of the pass. To be able to buy Carnage you must also have spent all the Battle Stars to buy every single item on the Carnage page and in the previous ones.

Here is the complete list of items that can be purchased on the last page of the Battle Pass of Season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2:

  • Carnage (Marvel Series Costume) – Cost: 9 Battle Stars
  • Carnage’s Cleaver (Marvel Series Collecting Tool) – Cost: 7 Battle Stars
  • Tendrils of Carnage (Marvel Series Decorative Back) – Cost: 6 Battle Stars
  • Dark Symbiote (Marvel Series Hang Glider) – Cost: 6 Battle Stars
  • Visceral Wake (Marvel Series Wake) – Cost: 4 Battle Stars
  • There are! (Marvel Series Emoticons) – Cost: 3 Battle Stars
  • Maximum Carnage (Marvel Series Loading Screen) – Cost: 3 Battle Stars
  • Carnage (Marvel Series Banner Icon) – Cost: 2 Battle Stars
  • Soon it will be all red (Marvel Series Spray) – Cost: 3 Battle Stars
  • 100 V-Buck – Cost: 5 Battle Stars

How to unlock the Maximum version

As in any self-respecting season, even Season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2 includes a series of special rewards, which correspond to additional styles for the skins of the pass. In the case of Carnage it is possible to unlock its Maximum version and, to do so, two different requirements must be met: having reached level 100 of the Battle Pass and having purchased all the rewards. At this point you can go to the Bonus Rewards screen and buy the extra style of the villain at the cost of 25 Battle Stars.