how to upgrade weapons and equipment

If you want to have a chance to fight all the enemies you will find in The Ascent, the new Cyberpunk themed game from Neon Giant, you will need to learn how to upgrade the equipment. In this guide, we explain how to upgrade the many weapons in the game.

Upgrading weapons in The Ascent means increasing their effectiveness in combat, allowing you to take out enemies faster and with fewer hits.

The Ascent: Weapon Upgrades

First of all, it is good to note that upgrading one type of weapon will ensure that other weapons of the same type are also upgraded. For example, if you upgrade the Scorcher Rifle to Mk. 3 and then you sell it, the next Scorcher you will find will also be Mk. 3; you will not have to spend the materials and resources necessary to upgrade the weapon again.

Now that we have clarified this detail (not at all obvious), let’s move on to the actual upgrade procedure. First, go to a Gunsmith – these essential NPCs are marked on your map with a hammer icon. Interact with the Gunsmith and select the “Shop” dialogue item. Now you have to choose the weapon you want to upgrade directly from your inventory.

At the top of the screen you can see the price expressed in materials, as well as your balance. Once you are sure which weapon to upgrade (and that you have enough resources to do it), simply press A (if using an Xbox pad, otherwise the equivalent of the Action key on the keyboard if playing from PC): the level of the chosen weapon , indicated in “Mk”, will increase by 1.

The components needed to upgrade weapons are divided into 3 categories, one rarer than the other; as you upgrade, you will need more and more valuable materials until you are all level 3. For example, if you want to upgrade to Mk. 8 one of your weapons, you will need several materials of the rarest quality, while for a Mk. 2 you will need only one basic resource.

This is all you need to know to upgrade weapons in The Ascent. As always, we refer you to the review of The Ascent, while if you want to further learn more about the cyberpunk title we suggest you take a look at this long gameplay video of The Ascent in the company of Fossa and Mottura.