Hulst on ‘quality and uniqueness’ of the teams to be acquired

With Firesprite’s entry into PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst intervenes to outline Sony’s gaming agenda and explain how essential it is, for the Japanese tech giant, to look at those independent development teams that make uniqueness and quality their own cornerstones.

In the course of an interview granted to the journalists of GamesRadar +, the top executive of PlayStation Studios celebrates the marriage with the authors of The Persistence and The Playroom and then looks to the future and specifies how “with the teams we have recently acquired, like Housemarque, Nixxes and Firesprite, I have a privileged relationship and I really know them very well, so I know what they are capable of and actually I also know what they are working on. It is precisely this privileged relationship that makes me confident that the games that will come out of those teams will adhere to the vision of PlayStation Studios, a family of studios that are always trying to improve both in terms of uniqueness and quality. “

Reconnecting to the news of the acquisition of Firesprite, Hulst returns to the concepts just expressed by specifying how “it is a marriage that concerns precisely the quality and uniqueness of the gaming experiences that we always try to carry on. They are a surprising team, perhaps this is not the case. perceived by the outside world but for those who are in the sector, and have seen Firesprite grow so incredibly to the point of attracting the best talents in the sector, they know that it is a team with a very strong culture, with an inclusive and welcoming vision “.

The interview also includes the statements on the exclusive Firesprite PlayStation currently in development shared by Graeme Ankers, Managing Director of the Liverpool software house that has just joined the Sony family: “Firesprite is carrying out innovative experiences that will give life to magical universes with players will enjoy in the years to come. “