hunting in the Red Fortress with the new Event Mission

The post-launch support of Monster Hunter Rise continues with the new Mission Event organized by Capcom to encourage all fans of the latest blockbuster action rolistic on Switch to continue their adventure.

The latest ingame activity introduced by the Japanese software house is already available from July 9th and can be unlocked simply by going to the mission desk of the hunting base. Once acquired, the Fury: Mud Festival Event Mission urges users to travel to the Red Keep to defend the final gate from onslaught by local creatures.

Achievement of GC level 4 or higher is required to participate in this activity. As a reward for services rendered to Kamura Village and neighboring settlers, Monster Hunter Rise adventurers most dedicated to the cause will be able to unlock the Festival Sticker Set to further customize their alter ego. At the bottom of the news you will find an image that shows a preview of some of the sets that make up the new package as a bonus for completing the last endgame activity.

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