hyper-realistic graphics in 8K video with Ray Tracing mod on RTX 3090

While the expectation for Forza Horizon 5 grows, youtuber Digital Dreams has tapped into the enormous computational power of his PC with RTX 3090 GPU and Ryzen 3900X CPU to push the graphics sector of Forza Horizon 4 beyond the limits of photorealism.

The lucky owner of the unobtainable high-end NVIDIA video card has thus exploited all the processing power of his PC to put it at the service of Playground Games’ blockbuster racing, thus producing himself in an 8K video that well testifies the exceptional level of detail that it is possible to reach on such an advanced PC gaming configuration.

Not satisfied with Forza Horizon 4’s already high “standard” graphics presets, the content creator tried to increase them even further using the latest ReShade tools to emulate dynamic lighting in Ray Tracing. The results of the tests conducted by Digital Dreams are nothing short of incredible, as we can discover by admiring the video made by the youtuber.

The experiment in question comes a few days after the announcement, by Playground, of the end of the ‘major’ support of Forza Horizon 4, intended as the development of unpublished content represented, for example, by the addition of new cars or new modes. The seasonal support program, of course, will continue and will keep all fans company at least until the release of Forza Horizon 5, which we remember being scheduled for November 9 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and, like all exclusive Microsoft first party, on Game Pass.