Iki Island will put players to the test

After motivating the absence of free updates on PS5 for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, the Creative Director of Sucker Punch, Jason Connell, suggested to the emuli of Jin Sakai to prepare for the difficult challenges that await them once they land on the Island of Iki.

Speaking on the subject with the journalists of IGN.com, the exponent of the US subsidiary of PlayStation Studios considered it appropriate to underline that “whether you decide to go to Iki Island at the beginning of the second Act, or decide to set sail towards Iki at the end of the game, the challenge that will present itself to you will be great because we are reducing the level of difficulty “.

To reiterate the point, Connell urges all fans to prepare for what awaits them on Iki Island because “if you have already made it to the end of the original story, it will not be child’s play to complete Iki Island at all. a real challenge, which is important as this is exactly how we have implemented all the new features. There are a lot of things we haven’t shown yet which, of course, we would like people to only find out when they play the game. ‘expansion”.

The release of the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima is scheduled for August 20 on PS4 and PlayStation 5. To learn more about the first narrative expansion of the Sucker Punch free roaming action, we refer you to our special on Ghost of Tsushima and Jin on Iki Island.