in search of divine light with tests on Lumen

Among the many developers who are conducting tests on Unreal Engine 5 we also find the SimulAm team. After the video of I Am Jesus Christ with Nanite, the authors of the much talked about “Messiah simulator” dedicate their latest video diary to the tests they are doing with UE5’s Lumen technology.

Unreal Engine 5’s revolutionary Lumen technique promises to have a huge impact on the video game creation process of the future. As pointed out in the past by Epic Games, Lumen will allow developers to save valuable time in the realization of the ambient lighting of their titles.

Thanks to Lumen, moreover, it is in fact possible to achieve results at the limits of photorealism by rendering on the screen scenes with dynamic lights and shadows that require a significantly lower expenditure of resources than techniques such as Ray Tracing. Therefore, both the authors of triple A titles and, above all, the indie teams will benefit from these technologies.

The tests conducted by independent developers such as the SimulAm guys who are giving shape to I Am Jesus Christ, therefore, are the best testimony of the potential of Unreal Engine 5, precisely in relation to budget limits (and not only). To stay on the subject, we remind you that The Coalition will show a tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 on Xbox Series X / S during a panel that will be held in the frame of the Game Developers Conference to be held between 19 and 23 July.