Infinity, the unfinished game for Game Boy Color arrives on Switch: success on Kickstarter

Among the games coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months, we find many great Nintendo and Third Party AAAs, but not only: between Indie and small productions, now there is also a decidedly peculiar title.

From the ashes of the Game Boy Color era, Infinity, a tactical RPG that was originally unfinished, returns to present itself to the public. After a few decades, some members of the development team have welcomed new followers into their ranks, with the aim of finishing what they had started in the nineties.

This is how Infinity’s Kickstarter campaign kicked off, which recently ended with an extraordinary success. Faced with a request of 16,000 Canadian dollars (about 11,000 euros), the Incube8 Games team has in fact collected the beauty of 370,823 Canadian dollars, or just under 250,000 euros! As a result, the tactical RPG is now destined to finally land on the market, complete in every aspect.

Specifically, a final and improved version of Infinity will be released on cartridge, both in Game Boy Color format and in Nintendo Switch format. In addition, the game will also find space in the Steam library. The launch window is for now set for a generic 2022: at the opening, you can find the presentation trailer of the project for the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.