Injustice confirmed for the DC FanDome, but the video game has nothing to do with it … for now

Warner Bros has confirmed that Injustice will be at the DC FanDome this weekend … but it’s not the video game, but the animated film Injustice The Movie, which is itself based on the story of the NetherReam game, Injustice Gods Among Us.

Injustice’s film will be released on October 19 in North America in Home Video and Video On Demand formats, so what better opportunity than a presentation at the DC FanDome? However, many think that on this occasion WB can also announce the new game Injustice 3, but it is only a hope and at the moment there are no concrete clues about it.

We know that Ed Boon will be at the DC FanDome this weekend but his presence could be linked to the presentation of Injustice The Movie and not necessarily to the announcement of a new video game. According to some rumors NetherRealm is developing a Marvel fighting game in addition to Mortal Kombat 12 and in fact Injustice 3 has never been confirmed, we do not know if the game is actually in development or not.

This weekend we will probably know more about the future of Injustice and DC video games in general as there will be room for Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League during the FanDome.