insider reflects on the RPG for PC and Xbox

In a recent exchange on social media, the now famous insider Klobrille shared some interesting reflections on Avowed and on what, in his opinion, are the ambitions nurtured by Microsoft and the Obsidian team in the development of this awaited fantasy RPG .

The personality of Twitter and “deep throat” of the Redmond house begins in his speech by taking up the latest, important project baked by Xbox Game Studios, or Psychonauts 2: “Just as the guys of Double Fine managed to do with Psychonauts 2, which is certainly their best video game, I strongly feel that Avowed has all the credentials to do the same. Obsidian is now a ‘free’ studio, and although it cannot count on an infinite budget (not even now that it is part of Microsoft) they are in a unique position “.

Without specifying whether or not his reflections derive from indiscretions collected by the developers or from other sources inside Microsoft, Klobrille emphasizes the concept by underlining how “just look at what Obsidian managed to achieve in the past when he was in much worse conditions than now. , with a tight budget and tight launch times. Avowed will be the first triple-A game the studio can fully focus on. Those guys have already shown Grounded what they’re made of, albeit on a smaller scale due to the small number. of developers involved (only fifteen, ed) “.

At the end of his speech, Klobrille goes so far as to hypothesize the qualitative tenor of the graphic and narrative sector: “Just like Psychonauts 2, I don’t expect Avowed to aim to be the most impressive game that has ever been seen from a technical point of view. which will still be a fantastic title, on the other hand Obsidian is a team leader in the construction of digital worlds, in telling deep stories, in the design of missions, in the combat system and in writing. And this time, perhaps they also have the resources and the time to achieve their qualitative and optimization objective “.

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