Interplay is not returning, the denial arrives on social networks

A few days ago we reported a news regarding the possible return of Interplay Entertainment, denied in the course of the last hours by those directly involved.

Through the official Twitter profile, Interplay Entertainment has in fact communicated to its followers that it has no plans for any type of relaunch of the brand and that the news that has recently started to spread on the web comes from a series of fake accounts.

Here is the company’s press release:

“Statements made by other accounts do not represent Interplay. We appreciate the help of everyone who has reported the offending profiles to us.”

It therefore seems that some funny guy has created fake profiles on Twitter with the sole aim of spreading false rumors about the arrival of Interplay-themed news. For the uninitiated, the company in question has been involved in the past with the publication of old glories of the caliber of MDK, Fallout, Planescape Torment, Baldur’s Gate and many others until the early 2000s.

Instead, the return of Apogee, another important company in the videogame industry that wants to relaunch the brand with new products and remastered versions of old products that will arrive over the next few months, is confirmed.