Interplay prepares for rebirth: important announcement coming soon?

Interplay Entertainment is preparing to be reborn in a new guise. The historic label, very active since the 80s both as a developer and as a publisher, which has helped to give life to iconic series such as Fallout and Baldur’s Gate, looks towards the future promising important changes.

To announce this new course is the company itself through a post on its Twitter profile opened very recently, which reveals how on July 28, 2021 an official communication will be released regarding what changes the company will face in the near future. Nothing is anticipated, with Interplay inviting fans to “get ready” and tune in to the social channels of the Californian software house whose motto is “by the players, for the players”. Other clues about this internal renewal can also be found by reading the description of the Interplay profile on Twitter, which speaks of a relaunch scheduled for October 2021. The very first post on the page refers to this mysterious restart scheduled for the last months of the year, accompanied by a short but clear message: “October 2021, where it all begins”.

All that remains is to wait until July 28 to find out what is boiling in the pot at Interplay, and what transformations it will undergo. In recent times Interplay has dealt with the re-release of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. As for one of its old series now in the hands of other publishers, in recent months Microsoft may have revealed the development of a new chapter of Fallout.