introduced a block for the creation of new characters

The incredible popularity of New World at launch prompts Amazon Game Studios to make changes to the system for creating new characters in the hope, in doing so, to lighten the workload of the servers.

This is confirmed by the developers of the Amazon studios with a message on social media in which he specifies that “according to the incredible requests we are receiving from those who want to access New World, we are working hard to increase the number and capacity of servers. We are working hard to increase the number and capacity of servers. also implementing a system to prevent new players from creating new characters on servers that appear to be full. “

Judging from what Amazon Game Studios specified, the new system should already be in full swing: “Whenever a server is full, the splash screen will report that ‘Character Creation is temporarily disabled on this server’. There are currently 28 Worlds in a ‘Complete’ state, but we invite you to keep an eye on the New World Server Status page to check the accessibility of each World. “

Should you encounter any difficulties in creating the character, the advice of the developers is therefore to look for an overpopulated World and which, as such, is reported as “Complete”. If, on the other hand, you have been exploring the dimension of Aeternum for a few days already, this in-depth study on the New World endgame beyond Level 60 may be useful.