Inventory management becomes hyper-realistic with Alpha 3.15

Having overcome the criticism of “misleading advertising” for the sale of Star Citizen’s concent spacecraft, the guys from Citizen Cloud Imperium Games dive headfirst into the development of the sci-fi blockbuster to illustrate the most important novelty of the Alpha 3.15 version: hyper-realistic management of the Inventory.

Patch 3.15 will in fact completely overturn the inventory management system to embrace the physical mechanics that oversee the spaceship navigation system and many other aspects of the Star Citizen free roaming gaming experience.

The new inventory will introduce limitations in the overall weight, number and size of objects that can be equipped or carried with the backpack: the current system that allows users to carry an indefinite number of objects will be abandoned.

The entire management of the equipment will then pass through the “physical” Inventories, including the new Personal Inventory which will represent the “standard” deposit of one’s alter-ego: the latter will be determined, for example, by the number of pockets present on the suit and the presence of any belts, saddlebags, mini-backpacks and attachment points for weapons. There will also be space for External Inventories such as spaceship storage crates or other containers for storing equipment, again with limitations related to the size and maximum weight of the objects to be crammed inside them.

To those who follow us, we remind you that with the publication of Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.14 it is possible to explore Orison, a spectacular city floating among the toxic (but partially terraformed) clouds of the gas giant Crusader.