Is Ghost of Tsushima a difficult game? Difficulty of the PS5 and PS4 exclusive

The three Acts that make up Ghost of Tsushima make up an open world with variable longevity, able to range from a minimum of twenty to over forty hours of play.

To affect the actual duration of Jin Sakai’s adventure we obviously find several elements, including the player’s skill level. But does Ghost of Tsushima offer a challenging gaming experience? With an Action RPG system, Sucker Punch’s work is far from the souls-like dynamics, characteristics of titles that make a significant level of challenge one of their characterizing elements.

On the contrary, Ghost of Tsushima offers a not overly complex adventure as a whole. Set within the boundaries of Tsushima Island, the title guides players from mission to mission. To orient yourself in the game world, simply establish your destination on the map, and then follow the direction of the wind up to it.

On the combat system front, Ghost of Tsushima offers Jin Sakai several strategies to choose from. Without a karma system, the Action RPG rewards both a stealth approach and the willingness to take up arms openly. The first, in particular, greatly simplifies the advancement in the title, thanks to the numerous points of interest that offer silent attack windows on the opponents. As highlighted in our Ghost of Tsushima review, to get the better of the invaders, it is therefore not necessary to master every aspect of the combat system designed by Sucker Punch.