is it possible to move faster or run?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest videogame iteration based on the universe of the Case of Ideas, this time in the hands of Eidos MontrĂ©al. In the game we control Star-Lord, a hero able to exploit some particular tools and technologies to make himself dangerous: but can the leader of the group move faster?

The protagonist Peter Quill is certainly not a sprinter: the player will not have a run button available, so you can only move at the speed preset by the game. Don’t worry, because Star-Lord is still fairly agile and you will very rarely feel the desire or need to move faster.

In combat, dodging and some specific abilities, such as the rockets mounted on our character’s boots, will speed up the pace of the action, giving life to adrenaline-fueled clashes. In a nutshell, therefore, the lack of a special button for the race will not be felt: the developers have carefully programmed the game mechanics to ensure satisfactory rhythms for the duration of the game.

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