Is Switch OLED compatible with all games, accessories and peripherals? Nintendo explains it

After having officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Super Mario house has opened a special section on its official website to clarify the doubts of users on the compatibility of the new model of the hybrid console with games, accessories and peripherals of the current versions of Switch and Switch Lite .

The in-depth study published by the Japanese videogame giant starts from the card with the technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch OLED and then answers all the questions posed by those who, already owning a hybrid console of the Grande N, wonder if the new model with a 7-inch screen whether or not it is compatible with the titles and accessories already on the market.

With a special Q&A section in Italian, the Japanese company dispels any doubts from users by explaining to them that the new OLED model of Nintendo Switch is compatible with all peripherals and any accessory currently on the market. Video games already available on the Switch are also fully compatible with the Switch OLED, although the gaming experience with some Nintendo Labo accessories may vary due to different screen sizes.

The Kyoto house also specifies that the Switch OLED base with LAN port can also be used in the current Switch model, and vice versa. Full compatibility is also guaranteed with regard to Joy-Con, by virtue of the fact that “the controllers included with the Switch OLED model are identical to the controllers already available”. Before leaving you to the comments, we remind you that Nintendo Switch OLED will be available from 8 October 2021, with a price that should not differ much from the $ 349.99 required to buy it in the United States.