Is the postponement of the teaser just a marketing gimmick?

It has now been three hours since we should have launched the Abandoned PlayStation 5 app and watched the interactive trailer. After all this time, there are those who believe that the delay is nothing more than an annoying marketing gimmick to keep the attention of players hungry for news.

Insinuating the doubt is a common Twitter user, who gave a very interesting answer to the developers under the announcement post of the delay. According to the words of this gamer, probably passionate about the dynamics related to the publication of content and updates on the PlayStation Store, the updates are sent well in advance to Sony for review, so that they can be published at a set time: with such a system there can be no problems unless the PSN is offline and apparently the servers are running without any kind of problem.

Obviously, the user’s reasoning does not apply in all cases (think about the launch of the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo), but since this is a trailer arriving exclusively on PlayStation 5 it is difficult to think that there can be so many problems, especially if let’s consider that a short video of Abandoned by the developers themselves was released a few minutes from 21:00. In short, something does not add up and it cannot be excluded that all these technical problems are nothing more than an invention of Blue Box Studios to once again deceive users.