is the Quake reboot?

Last January we learned of a new VR game being developed at iD Software studios, and many have thought of a possible adaptation of the brutal DOOM shooter series for Virtual Reality. But it seems that this is not the only project in the pipeline at the Microsoft software house.

The Australian classification, which had already revealed the existence of the VR project, recently registered a new mysterious game developed by iD Software, codenamed Project 2021B (the Virtual Reality game is known as Project 2021A). According to the little information entered at the moment, the new game from iD Software will include, for a change, scenes of violence and will be aimed at an adult audience. We are also talking about a cross-platform project (presumably destined to arrive on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles) that will include online multiplayer features.

Bethesda will release DOOM Eternal’s next-gen update tomorrow, but it’s quite unlikely that the company has registered a simple update to its hellish shooter as “Project2021B”. More likely this is a completely new game, and who knows if it does not match the rumored Quake reboot: according to insider Shpeshal Nick, who has already proven to be a reliable source in the past, the shooter would be co-developed with the ‘help of MachineGames and will include a single player campaign with a female protagonist, flanked by the inevitable online multiplayer sector.

Of course these are only guesses, and it will be good to wait for iD Software and Bethesda to eventually announce the new title.