is the Skydance game dedicated to Daredevil or Elektra? An old leak resumes

As often happens in similar cases, even with the announcement of the new Marvel Skydance video game we are witnessing the “return of the flame” of various advances that have already emerged on the net in recent months. A hypothetical leak spotted on the industry forums in March of last year is in fact recovering on social media.

The indiscretion in question circulated for several weeks on social media in March 2020, to the point of generating an exchange between Troy Baker (interpreter of Higgs in Death Stranding and Joel in The Last of Us) and Bill Rosemann, creative director by Marvel Games. The anticipations of the inevitable and anonymous “deep throat” heralded the start of work on a nextgen video game set in the superhero dimension of Daredevil … and Elektra.

It is precisely the character of Elektra, in fact, that several members of the community are thinking about after learning the news of the participation of the actress and voice actress Janina Gavankar in the project of the Marvel game of Skydance. Gavankar lent his face and voice to the character of Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2, as well as several other NPCs from Horizon Zero Dawn, Afterparty and Far Cry 4, as well as villain Tanta Sila in the future RPG of Square Enix Forspoken. and Commander Knoxx in the new Borderlands movie.

By virtue of the great experience gained by Janina Gavankar, it is unlikely that she will have a supporting role in the cast of the next triple A blockbuster with a narrative vocation directed by Amy Hennig (the creator of The Last of Us), hence the renewed interest of the community for the old leaks that suggested the development of Marvel’s Daredevil by a new software house. In any case, as usual, we invite you to take this kind of indiscretions with due caution and wait for official communications from the developers or clarifications from the personalities of the sector mentioned in the rumors and in the self-styled leaks.