it starts with Death Stranding and Sackboy

Surprisingly, it seems that Sony has launched an interesting new initiative with which it will allow PlayStation 5 owners to try some titles for free. The novelty was introduced to users through emails that the Japanese company is distributing in these hours.

According to information released by Sony, players just need to go to the PlayStation Store and select the item dedicated to the Free Trial to be able to download the selected games without any kind of financial outlay. The initiative, exclusively valid on PS5, is inaugurated with Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which will be freely playable for 6 hours, and Sackboy A Big Adventure, playable for 5 hours. Keep in mind that the hour count starts as soon as the application of the game in question is downloaded, a factor that could significantly limit those users with a less than ideal Internet connection.

We also specify that, at the moment, the initiative does not seem to be active in Italy yet. We do not know if the Free Trials will only arrive in specific regions (such as the USA), or if we simply have to wait a few more hours. We therefore hope that Sony will directly clarify the situation in the next few hours. What do you think of this new possibility offered to PS5 users?

Meanwhile, Sony has officially acquired Bluepoint Games, former authors of the remakes of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, and now working on a new IP PlayStation and the remake of a much-loved game coming to PS5.