‘it won’t be the end of the series’

As development of Metroid Prime 4 proceeds in full swing, gamers eager to return to deep space with Samus Aran won’t have to wait too long.

With the public still waiting for updates from Retro Studios’ Texas studios, Nintendo took advantage of the E3 3021 stage to announce an unprecedented 2D adventure for the series. Lost sequel to Metroid Fusion, Metroid Dread will reach the gaming market even twenty years after its predecessor.

Following the reveal, producer Yoshio Sakamoto held a rich Q&A session, recently reported in its full version by the editorial staff of Famitsu, a well-known Japanese magazine. Thanks to the latter, Nintendo’s desire to continue to support the IP, which has long remained in a drawer in Kyoto, is further confirmed. During the interview, Sakamoto has in fact confirmed that Metroid Dread will close the narrative arc carried out in Metroid Fusion, but will not represent the epilogue of the saga as a whole. “This is not the end of the Metroid series. – underlined the producer – We don’t want that to happen, I’m sure the fans don’t want it, and we hope you can’t wait to find out what will come with the next episodes”.

Hoping to see Metroid Prime 4 in action soon, Samus Aran will be back on the hunt starting next October 8, 2021, the release date of Metroid Dread, obviously exclusively on Nintendo Switch.