Japanese store writes the name on the box, like Starbucks

The long shadow of the touts is still very active in Japan as regards PlayStation 5, almost twelve months after its launch it is still difficult to find the console in stores and several chains are adopting various techniques to try to counter the phenomenon of reselling.

In particular, the Nojima Denki chain has adopted a rudimentary but apparently valid solution: each PS5 box is “branded” with the buyer’s name, written with an indelible marker, plus there are those who say that the name is also engraved on the DualSense and on the console body but there are no clear testimonies about it.

Clearly this is not a particularly valid solution but it serves to ensure that he has pre-ordered the console then actually goes to collect it in person without intermediaries. The goal is to discourage the activities of scalpers, who for obvious reasons prefer to remain anonymous and will not have much pleasure in seeing their name written in large letters on the console box.

Obviously, nothing prevents the buyer from then reselling his console anyway, many will not care if a name is written inside the box or on the DualSense. It is also difficult to assume that large chains can sign thousands of consoles, but the solution can be adopted by independent retailers and small shops.