Kingdom Hearts 4, FF9 Remake and Chrono Cross Remastered in the GeForce Now leak

Interesting news continue to emerge from the gigantic leak that concerned NVIDIA’s gaming streaming service, GeForce Now. We have learned of the arrival on PC of numerous PlayStation and Xbox titles, while now we come in contact with information related to Square Enix.

In the long list of titles that emerged within the leak, there are some big projects that the publisher would be secretly working on. It starts with Kingdom Hearts 4, the next chapter in the saga made in collaboration with Disney never officially announced by Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura. The Japanese director has always hinted that he wants to expand the intricate narrative universe of the franchise with new chapters, and the presence of this reference shouldn’t surprise too much. In short, it is possible that we will not have to wait too long before the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4.

It then continues with Final Fantasy 9 Remake, which would thus receive the same treatment reserved for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Chrono Cross Remastered. In short, Square Enix seems to want to re-propose two of its best-known roles in modernized graphics.

Of course, we invite you to take the news with due caution, waiting for the publisher to officially unveil the titles that will enrich its lineup for the years to come. The GeForce Now leak revealed the possible arrival of games like God of War and Horizon Forbidden West on PC, as well as Gears 6 and a new Xbox Game Studios game.