leak for four more maps? Images pop up

After presenting the first Technical Beta of Halo: Infinite to the public awaiting the return of Master Chief, the team of 343 Industries continues at full speed in the development of the expected production.

From the studies of the Microsoft team, however, some unpublished images may have found an escape, depicting game areas not yet revealed by the software house. Specifically, we are talking about four screenshots, presumably depicting as many maps part of the multiplayer sector of Halo: Infinite.

Obviously, at the moment it is impossible to assess the actual veracity of these shots, which however are finding rapid diffusion among the web. All four alleged images of Halo: Infinite multiplayer are marked with a special wording that highlights their provisional nature, aimed at reiterating how what is shown is still in the “work in progress” phase. Among the shots, we also find a scenario characterized by night atmospheres, which could therefore offer a particularly suggestive setting for multiplayer challenges.

Waiting to learn more about these mysterious images, Halo: Infinite remains without a definitive release date, with the launch window still placed in the final period of 2021. Soon, we remind you, the title could return to show itself at the event Microsoft organized for Gamescom 2021.