leak for the release date? Rumors break out

Announced during 2019, Hollow Knight Silksong has kept well out of the spotlight for the next two years. The sequel to the famous metroidvania created by Team Cherry is still largely shrouded in mystery and very few updates have been provided by the developers over time.

With the announcement of Nintendo Direct in September 2021, several rumors are emerging that see the new episode of the series finally return to show itself after a long absence, also accompanied by the announcement of the release date. To reinforce this rumor, the fact that the date for the game’s debut would appear in the huge GeForce Now leak, set for Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The leak was discovered by a user on the Steam forum named Wok, while the youtuber fireb0rn, based on this information, analyzed in video the possibility that Silksong could actually see the light at the beginning of next year, 5 years after the debut of the first Hollow Knight.

NVIDIA, however, has denied in recent days the veracity of the list connected to GeForce Now, which is why we must take with a grain of salt the possibility that the work of Team Cherry can actually see the light next February. Could the new Nintendo Direct be the right scenario to reveal new, important details about Hollow Knight Silksong?