Life is Strange True Colors and the copyright issue, hilarious Twitch videos

The restrictive copyright policies imposed by Twitch and the music industry majors continue to claim victims. At the expense this time is Life is Strange: True Colors with a streaming mode that once activated causes extravagant and paradoxical situations within the game.

In fact, the main streaming platforms use an algorithm that identifies copyrighted content, even within the video games themselves, with the aim of sending a warning to the streamers and the possible removal of the offending segments. To get around the problem, the main video game producers have started to insert a “streaming mode” that deactivates protected music in favor of freely usable tracks. In the case of Life is Strange: True Colors, however, once the aforementioned mode has been selected, the protected contents have not been replaced and in their place there is a bleak silence.

This particular situation caused more than one embarrassing moment during the game’s live streams: for example, in a famous scene from the game Alex is supposed to sing a Radiohead song that has instead been replaced by … nothing. As you can understand in these situations the experience loses consistency, so much so that initially the community thought about the presence of a bug. On the other hand, however, the problem immediately triggered the hilarity of the web, quickly becoming a real meme factory.

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