Lo Wang takes it easy in the ironic Delay Trailer

In announcing the postponement of Shadow Warrior 3 to 2022, Devolver Digital and the developers of Flying Wild Hog do not lose their ironic vein and pack a nice video that shows Lo Wang fighting in slow motion against the monsters of the FPS for effect, in fact, of the “delay” to next year.

The new video proposed to us by the Polish software house catapulted us once again into the splatter fantasy dimension of this famous IP to represent on the screen the postponement to 2022 of Shadow Warrior 3 and, with it, the extra time granted to Lo Wang to prepare for the battle against. the monsters that haunt his world.

As pointed out several times by the same guys from Flying Wild Hog over the last few months, the third act of their shooter experience will be full of surprises and playful innovations, consequently it will be worth waiting a few more months before diving headlong into fights that they will include, for example, the dual wielding function and a plethora of unprecedented attacks that will help transform Lo Wang into a demon-chopping machine.

While we wait to receive further clarifications on the launch window of the new FPS epic of the authors of Warsaw in its triple version for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we present the explosive gameplay trailer of Shadow Warrior 3 from E3 2021.