lots of gameplay details in the new video

MercurySteam developers publish an in-depth video on gameplay mechanics to be experienced on Nintendo Switch in the sci-fi dimension of Metroid Dread, with a focus on the range of skills to be acquired and mastered as the story progresses.

Described by producer Yoshio Sakamoto as “Samus Aran’s deadliest 2D adventure ever”, Metroid Dread will take the iconic protagonist to the planet ZDR to face the threat posed by Parasite X.

Once there, Samus will have to cross the bowels of the planet and face mechanical beings subjugated by Parasite X: to get the best of the dangers that lurk in the maze of tunnels, rooms and labyrinths in which the map, ours is divided. intrepid bounty hunter will have to draw on all her experience and take advantage of the many skills she has learned over the years, as well as the new techniques acquired by completing the levels of ZDR.

Before leaving you to the comments and the new video packaged by the Kyoto house, we remind you that Metroid Dread will be available from 8 October. If you want to know more about the contents, history and gameplay of the next, awaited Nintendo exclusive, on our pages you can read the special on Metroid Dread for Switch signed by Marco Mottura.