lower expectations, there will be no new announcements

After a hot summer with no big surprises on the gaming side, we are back to getting serious with Gamescom, the largest European event that this year, just like E3, will take place in digital format.

Microsoft will start the dance with its Xbox Games Showcase – Gamescom 2021, which will entertain us for about 90 minutes starting from 19:00 tomorrow, August 24th. Clear as ever, the high echelons of Redmond have already explained what we can expect during the long show, namely “updates on the biggest games coming to Xbox, future releases on Xbox Game Pass, and more”.

In a subsequent post entrusted to Twitter, Aaron Greenberg was also very clear on what we should not expect: the marketing boss urged all players to keep expectations low, as no new ones will be made during the 90 minutes of the Xbox Games Showcase. announcements and there will be no big surprises. The show will therefore be entirely dedicated to the products we already know, some already announced, others already on the market or close to being published on Xbox Game Pass.