M.2 SSD support may be on the way

Just this morning a new PlayStation 5 firmware was released which does not introduce any noteworthy news and only improves the performance of the console. However, it seems that another update for the operating system that can unlock support for M.2 SSDs may soon arrive.

According to what was reported by the Twitter user Okami, who on several occasions proved to be reliable, a company linked to Sony and called Nextorage Co. would be about to market M.2 SSDs whose technical specifications are perfect for next generation console. The price of these products starts at around $ 230 and their arrival on the market should be set for next 23 July 2021. If it really were the long-awaited memory expansions designed specifically for PlayStation 5, it is likely that there are only a few days to go. official arrival of the software update that will unlock the console slot, so that users can buy additional memories and no longer limit themselves to the little space available on the internal SSD.

Waiting to find out if these rumors are founded or not, we remind you that in the last few hours the advert published and removed by Sony in which PS5 is upside down has tore a smile.