MachineGames working on a new AAA game: is it Wolfenstein 3?

MachineGames is currently working on Bethesda’s Indiana Jones but not only, the Swedish studio is in fact looking for staff to develop a new AAA project that could in some way be linked to Wolfenstein.

Specifically, the company is looking for Senior or Intermediate level AI Programmers, also looking for figures for a “New AAA Multiplayer Game” not yet announced. It is difficult to understand what MachineGames plans are, the studio seems to be busy on several fronts with Indiana Jones representing just one of the many projects carried out by the company.

The time seems ripe for a new Wolfenstein (Wolfenstein 3 or a multiplayer spin-off?) But MachineGames could also be involved in the production of the new Quake after collaborating in the development of Quake Remastered now available on PC and consoles. It is not excluded that there may also be a new IP in the pipeline, the possibilities are certainly many but the certainties are very few.

Pete Hines of Bethesda has repeatedly stated that there is no need to worry about the future of Wolfenstein and in the past there has also been talk of a multiplayer mode for Wolfenstein 3, words that would therefore coincide with the search for professionals with experience in multiplayer titles.