many RPG mechanics coming with the new ‘Hot and Crazy’ update

Grounded, the particular Obsidian survival cooperative, is preparing to welcome a new update that will introduce some of the mechanics that made the studio famous: with the “Hot and Hazy” update the game returns to its origins with many RPG elements.

Scheduled for the end of October, Grounded’s Hot and Hazy update will introduce in the game a series of mechanics very dear to Obsidian fans that will push it on a very role-playing track: the update will bring a large amount of statistics and experience points to spend to increase the skills of your character, as well as upgradeable weapons and armor and divided into different classes. In this way, each parameter can be customized with real consequences on the fighting: damage, defense, status effects, duration of the effects. The armor will be cataloged, as in the more classic RPG, in light, medium and heavy, with relative effects on resistance and protection.

The update will then introduce a new collectible virtual currency called Milk Molars with which it will be possible to enhance your avatar by increasing its maximum health, resistance to damage, hunger and thirst or by increasing the number of mutations that can be equipped at the same time. The currency can also be used to boost the entire game party. Grounded players will then be able to devote themselves to building teams with specific roles and unique characters.

While waiting to get your hands on the new update, we remind you that on the Everyeye pages you can find our Grounded test.