Marco Mottura Conquer the Throne in the new PlayStation event

Conquest the Throne, the new PlayStation event that asks all participants to work together to unlock common goals, officially kicked off today.

For players who decide to sign up for Conquer the Throne, Sony is asking to accumulate points by completing missions such as “Play a game for at least 60 minutes, even non-cumulative” (10 points) and “Unlock a gold trophy” (20 points). There are three sets of rewards with different avatars and a dynamic theme that will be unlocked upon reaching specific community scores.

Well, today also our Marco Mottura joined the mission for the Conquest of the Throne, obviously live on the Twitch channel of Everyeye. For the occasion, he decided to try his hand at the hilarious Untitled Goose Game by playing the role of an evil goose that loves to squawk, make jokes and steal from the poor inhabitants of a quiet village.

Did you miss the live? If you are a subscriber to the Everyeye Twitch channel you have nothing to regret, since you can watch the exclusive replica at the bottom of this news. If you have not already done so, you can subscribe to the channel for free with Amazon Prime by clicking on the “Subscribe” button on the Everyeye channel home page and then selecting “Subscribe at no additional cost”. The subscription grants various bonuses, including direct ads without advertising, access to exclusive Discord and Telegram channels, subscriber badges and a series of customized emoticons, such as the Fossa in position from “Here we are”, Marco Mottura demoniaco, Cyber Todd, Alessandro Bruni with Yoda’s hat, Giuseppe Arace about to transform into Super Saiyan and the mythical bomb.