Martha is Dead is an Italian horror set in Tuscany: that’s why you should keep an eye on it

The Italian guys from the LKA studio, who have become famous not only in our country thanks to the excellent The Town of Light, are preparing to return to the limelight with the interesting Martha is Dead, a new psychological thriller that we had the honor of playing in preview.

Playing the first act of Martha is Dead, we realized that the new production of LKA has what it takes to thrill all lovers of the genre, being an immersive, exciting and brutal psychological thriller, which is not afraid to use strong images to upset even the bravest of players.

Like the studio’s first work, Martha is Dead also offers a first-person story entirely set in Italy. We are in Tuscany in 1944, with the final stages of the Second World War in the background. As the German army withdraws, we will take on the role of a psychologically unstable woman whose goal is to solve the murder of a loved one. The arduous task and the complicated family dynamics give rise to situations of heavy anguish, which make the young woman’s mind swing between reality and fantasy. And it is precisely the supernatural component that seems to be one of the most successful aspects of the production, based as it is on Tuscan folklore and perfectly placed in context.

The short test left us incredibly optimistic about the success of the project: find out all the details by watching the Video Preview at the opening of the news and reading the report of the Martha is Dead test edited by our Giovanni Panzano. The release is expected in the coming months on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.