McDonald’s McDelivery GGang and Machete Gaming at Milan Games Week 2021

Big party at MGW on November 13 to celebrate the success of Aelita, MadMorona, Girl Bong Theory, xKumiho and panniR, the girls of McDelivery GGang, a project born from the collaboration between McDonald’s and Machete.

The event will open with a musical performance by Anna and a DJ set by Young Miles. The gaming moment will start at 15:00 with a tournament led by player Moonryde together with McDelivery GGang and the MGW + Cartoomics audience. The music will be back at 17:00 with a Lazza showcase, finally the girls will be the protagonists of an interview with Manuelito “Hell Raton” and of a showmatch with the players Machete Gaming, a team that in addition to Manuelito also counts Sypher, Leo, Kygozz, and the special guest fnatic_Hontas.

Here is the complete program of the event:

  • 14:30 – Live by Anna and warm-up by Young Miles
  • 15:00 – Call of Duty Warzone community tournament, with Moonryde and McDelivery GGang
  • 17:00 – McDelivery Moment and Lazza’s Musical Showcase 17:40 – Interview by Manuelito “Hell Raton” at McDelivery GGang
  • 18:00 – Showmatch: Machete Gaming vs McDelivery GGang

Presenting the event will be Antonella Arpa, aka himorta, one of the most famous and followed cosplayers in Europe, a great lover and influencer in the gaming world. Himorta will accompany the audience throughout the show, which is filled with unique moments, including a special McDelivery delivery offered by McDonald’s. It is also possible to follow the event on Twitch, on the Machete TV channel.