medley with over 90 musicians celebrates the game

With the publication of the update that led to great demand Sora in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster (complete with the crash of the eShop due to the excessive demand for the Kingdom Hearts themed DLC) the rich support program has finally come to an end. post launch offered by Nintendo to its popular title.

To celebrate the end of a real era for the fighting game series, the community of fans has decided to pay homage to Super Smash Bros Ultimate with a very special creation. On the initiative of the content creator active on YouTube like NoteBlock, over ninety musicians have in fact joined forces to propose a very rich medley lasting almost half an hour.

Each of the participants in the musical experiment paid homage to a specific character from the Nintendo fighting game roster, from the essential Mario to the latest arrival Sora, passing through Kirby, Sephiroth, Bayonetta, Pikachu, Samus Aran, Yoshi and all the other fighters present in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The final result is remarkable and can be listened for free on YouTube: you can therefore find the video directly at the opening of this news: What do you think of the final result?

After the entry of the highly sought after protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series into the game, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will no longer welcome additional characters to its vast roster.