Microsoft jokes about the console’s name with a tongue-twisting meme!

After celebrating Microsoft’s nextgen console with the Xbox Series X mini fridge, the social team of the Redmond house shares a hilarious tongue-twisting meme to make fun of the name of the new flagship platform of the American company.

The video packaged by the curators of the official Xbox Instagram profile borrows the image of the Xbox Series X packaging to give life to a skit with tongue-twisting phrases that, if read in their context, perfectly represent the goliardic tones of the operation carried out. by its creators.

The Xbox team thus urges fans to repeat phrases in English such as “A series of ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to their boxes. In an X”: the managers of the Xbox Instagram profile even throw a gauntlet to their fans , jokingly explaining to him that “we’ll go on until someone tells us to stop.”

In addition to the aforementioned meme of the Xbox Series X mini fridge, in recent months the curators of the Xbox social networks have become the protagonists of numerous initiatives that have also involved the other giants in the sector and their respective communities, as with the answer given to those who ask which is the best console between PS5 and Xbox Series X.