Mona Megistus is stellar in this Shermie cosplay

Genshin Impact is now one of the most played of the moment. Between mobile, PC and console, the public traveling to the continent of Teyvat is a great deal. Sometimes not everything goes for the best, as happened in the Baal complaints situation, but the video game from the Chinese studio MiHoYo continues to grow over time.

The partially free formula of the title in fact attracts many crowds who begin to love the proposed characters. In Genshin Impact there are in fact many characters, some of which are playable and unlockable through quests and other means. Many of these playable characters have been present since the first official launch of Genshin Impact and as a result they have done a lot of work in the player groups, gaining a large following.

Between fan art and more, Mona Megistus is certainly among the most viral of Genshin Impact. The astrologer in the purple dress and pointy hat has shown everyone her skills, and now she does it in real life with a new disguise from Shermie. The Mona Megistus cosplay available below excellently incorporates the character, certainly showing a more mature and grown up but still faithful version of it.

The same Baal who caused trouble is much loved, going viral with various Raiden Shogun cosplays.