more affectionate foxes thanks to the new patch

Sucker Punch has released the 2.08 patch of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, which has brought a series of improvements to the game such as bug fixes, faster loading for cosmetic items and balances for the multiplayer Legends component.

However, it seems that the latest update has also made a further, small tweak to the game world, in particular as regards the foxes that Jin Sakai can meet during his adventure. The foxes, in fact, now enjoy new animations. The moment we get close to them, these animals will do everything to attract our attention and be so cuddled for a long time, and now they will quickly knock their paws to the ground, or they will lie down on their stomachs waiting to receive ours. caresses.

The discovery was made by the Twitter channel Can You Pet the Dog?, Showing a short clip of what happens now when approaching the foxes after the installation of the new patch. This is a very small detail, however, linked to a practice highly appreciated by the gaming community for PS5 and PS4 (in July 2021 over 55 million foxes had been caressed by players, according to statistics) that never misses an opportunity to interact with the wild creatures that populate the scenarios. After all, it is no coincidence that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has added several new animals to cuddle, such as cats, monkeys and deer.