multiplayer will include a ping system

Thanks to the publication on the official website of Halo Infinite of an entire post about Andrew Witts, the Lead Multiplayer Designer, it was possible to become aware of a particular feature that we will be able to use in competitive multiplayer modes.

Here is a short excerpt from the post:

“My team is also working on some multiplayer mechanics such as the weapon spawn system, commentator voice acting like in the old Halo, a personal AI and the Mark System, which is a mechanism that allows players to report a point in the game world and let your teammates know essential information such as the position of a weapon or an enemy. “

It therefore seems that even Halo Infinite wants to use a game mechanic now widespread in all the main multiplayer titles and that was introduced for the first time in Apex Legends, the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment which has made ping one of its points of power. This means that with the simple press of a button we will be able to communicate with our allies and report them to any point on the map to ensure that their attention can be directed towards an enemy lurking or a weapon that has just appeared.

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